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Todd Liles
Breakout Speaker
Manager in the Middle
Why Managers are Struggling Between the Leader and the Team, and What to Do About It!
Tuesday, September 21 | 5:00PM

A Manager is tasked with Executing the Leader’s Vision and Driving the Results of the team. Many managers find these two responsibilities at odds with each other. The Leader dreams big, and the front-line employees are working in the moment. The Manager is stuck in the middle of two very different mindsets.
When the manager doesn’t know how to work in the middle, then he or she can become frustrated. This frustrates others, and ultimately leads to headaches and poor results.
Give Todd 45-minutes, and he will show you how you can unify your team as a Powerful and Effective Manager.

Mid-Management Track

About Todd Liles
Todd Liles is the founder of Service Excellence Training and the creator of the PRESS PLAY Training System. He began his career in the HVAC Trades in 2001. Over the last 18 years, Todd has been a tech, sales person, trainer, and is now an entrepreneur. His work mission is to turn learning into earning for contractors. Service Excellence Training, LLC provides consulting and training services. SET specialize in sales and service training for: Techs, Sales, CSRs, Managers, and Owner Training.
We offer our services: LIVE Online, in the Classroom, and at Your Location. 512.333.4133.
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