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Todd Liles
SWE Breakout Speakers
The 6 Keys to Low Pressure Sales
Tuesday, September 22 | 02:00PM CT / 03:00PM ET

“No pressure selling” has become a buzz phrase for trainers, but we tend to think a little differently. There is no such thing as “no pressure selling.” There may be “no pressure buying,” but there is no such thing as “no pressure selling.” That’s why we created the 6 Keys to Low-Pressure Sale.

About Todd Liles

Todd Liles is the founder of Service Excellence Training and the creator of the PRESS PLAY Training System. He began his career in the HVAC Trades in 2001. Over the last 18 years, Todd has been a tech, sales person, trainer, and is now an entrepreneur.  His work mission is to turn learning into earning for contractors.

Todd founded SET because he is called to help contractors. “For me, SET is a “calling.” My professional mission is accomplished through this company.”

Todd was the Director of Training for Clockwork Home Services’ Success Academy before he founded Service Excellence Training.

After leaving Clockwork, Todd Co-founded Drain and Air Rescue in Austin, TX where he served as the General Manager.

Today, Todd leads a team of 10 at Service Excellence Training and Consulting.

Service Excellence Training, LLC provides consulting and training services. SET specialize in sales and service training for: Techs, Sales, CSRs, Managers, and Owner Training. We offer our services: LIVE Online, in the Classroom, and at Your Location. 512.333.4133.


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