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Tim Musch
SWE Breakout Speakers
The Five ‘Gotta Have’ Numbers You NEED to Know!
Tuesday, September 22 | 11AM CT / 12PM ET

What indicators are ON in your business to alert you it may be time for a simple “tune-up”? Unfortunately, your business doesn’t have warning lights. In this timely session presented by Tim Musch from MarketSharp, we’ll be discussing what are called KPI’s or Key Performance Indicators which are measurable indicators based on recorded performance to gauge your successes (and in some cases, failures).  We’ll go way beyond the typical numbers like closing ratios to show you exactly how to easily track all this data without having to ‘overhaul’ your business practices! Here’s the Best Part…We will not only identify what these 5 “Gotta Have” numbers are and where to find them, we will brainstorm actionable ideas on how you can realistically IMPROVE these numbers resulting in SUBSTANTIAL profit gains. In this economic market, increasing efficiency is where it’s at!

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