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Ryan Englin
Breakout Speaker
How Fishing Taught Me to Recruit Better Employees
Thursday, September 23 | 8:00AM

Recruiting good people is hard and there has to be an easier way. During a weekend fishing trip my eyes were opened to a better way of recruiting good employees. Today, I share the five things I learned to help entrepreneurs hire better people… faster!

Recruiting Track

About Ryan Englin
Ryan Englin is passionate about supporting growing businesses, particularly in blue collar industries, to build amazingly productive companies by hiring the right people. Growing up, he saw his own father working 12- hour shifts and weekends as an owner/operator, witnessing firsthand the struggles that these companies have in hiring quality frontline employees. Ryan was determined to help them find a better way.

His company, Core Matters, provides coaching and training on attracting, hiring, and retaining rock star employees. Using his proven process, the Core Fit Hiring System, small and midsize businesses learn how to start hiring better people, faster. With almost a decade in the business, Ryan has worked with over a hundred clients, helping business owners achieve their goals by hiring the right people.
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