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Ruth King
Breakout Speaker
Building Profit & Wealth
Thursday, September 23 | 8:00AM

Even profitable contractors can go bankrupt. Building wealth along with building profit are the keys to ensuring a profitable company has the best chances for survival and longevity.

This session reveals the 10 simple rules for building profit AND wealth.

Operations and Finance Track

About Ruth King
Ruth King is a nationally recognized HVAC consultant, author, and HVAC license holder. She is Channel Manager for and the President of Business Ventures Corporation.

For the past 30+ years Ruth has been instrumental in helping contractors grow profitably through consulting, speaking, training, books, and Operations Manuals.

She is especially proud of one contractor she helped climb out of a big hole. He started with a negative $400,000 net worth 15+ years ago and is still in business today…profitably and with a positive net worth.

Her latest book, Profit or Wealth? reached #1 best-selling book on Amazon. Her previous book, The Ugly Truth about Cash, was named along with Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, Richard Branson and others, as one of the 37 books all start ups should read. This book is preceded by the #1 Best Selling book, The Courage to be Profitable, which explains how to get and stay profitable in less than 30 minutes a month - in English rather than accounting babble. She is also the author of two other award winning books, The Ugly Truth about Small Business and The Ugly Truth about Managing People.

She will help you build a thriving, profitable business.
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