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Roger Daviston
SWE Breakout Speakers
Is Your Service Business Toxic? (And How to Fix It)
Thursday, September 24 | 1:00PM CT / 2:00PM ET

Many service businesses have toxic behaviors lurking in their company culture, and they don’t even know it. Roger Daviston will explain common toxic workplace behaviors and how you can begin the shift to a healthier culture.

About Roger Daviston

Roger Daviston is a cognitive-behavioral specialist. That means he helps people change their thinking so they can improve their behavior and then get a different result.

Roger works in the entire system of the company culture. One grows a business by developing people, and growth starts with thinking differently.

Roger’s main objective is to build unity of purpose in the culture. There is a focus on macro functions in the business culture because most teams have significant amounts of relational dysfunction between coworkers, managers, and owners.

Roger enlightens everyone on the dysfunction and gives them step by step processes to fix it. An owner will never grow his business past his or her ability to function as a leader. Many owners get stuck and tend to hire me to fix the team members when in reality, they are part of the problem too.

At a micro level, Roger improves the sales process, with CSRs, service technicians, and salespeople. He helps the owner implement a service call process that works through ongoing teaching, coaching, ride alongs, supported by accountability systems and reinforcement through group coaching online or in person.

The results are clarity of purpose, unity, and increases in replacement sales and average service call ticket.

Roger helps you build your business through better relationships, by growing people, and building high performing teams that work together in unity of purpose.

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