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Poonam Patel
SWE Breakout Speakers
What clients want and how to profit from it
Tuesday, September 22 | 02:00PM CT / 03:00PM ET

Want to learn the top things a client is looking for? What about how to provide value while getting the profit margins you have always wanted?  In this session, you will learn the pain spots, what gets clients excited, the major falling out clients have with contractors, and how to help you do business right the first time around. Knowing this makes your clients happy, builds trust, yields 5-star reviews and gets you paid on time and in full. We’ve seen it all!  Come learn and earn!

About Poonam Patel

Where does Poonam get her sass from?

She gets it from the journey of becoming the role model she never had.  As a first generation, petite minority, becoming the Demolition Diva was no easy feat.

Her passion for design, construction, obsession for creating something from nothing; her business acumen and drive to show the world that she too can participate in a male dominated industry while being her own boss, is definitely possible; while adding a feminine touch to the industry- Just what YOUR clients crave!

She is the:

-Founder of Urban Loop Studio, a design and remodel studio)

– A Business Owner

-A TEDx speaker

-A Firewalker

-A Board Member of the Education committee at the Dallas Builders Association
– An Associate member with the American Institute of Architects.

– Design Candidate for a Fortune 200 company.

-Building Information Modeling Expert

-Holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Architecture And a Masters degree in Architecture.

-Queen of P/ L statements.

-Guest visitor at Remodel Revolution with Alex Guthrie podcast and Force for Growth with Ricardo Leon.

You don’t want to mess with her; you want to learn from her.  For more information, reach out to or

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