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Mischa Fisher
Breakout Speaker
Recruitment, Skills Gaps and Overcoming the Trade Labor Shortage
Tuesday, September 21 | 4:15PM

As the home service, improvement, construction and remodeling markets boom, Mischa will help you get a full understanding of the magnitude of the demographic problem, and will cover some of the most effective ways to solve it going forward. This is a critical issue not just for the industry but also for your business. The industry needs to do more to recruit more—and more diverse—people into the trades, and the shortage of workers is impacting the ability for companies to grow and scale.

Recruiting Track

About Mischa Fisher
Mischa Fisher is the Chief Economist for Angi, where he leads economic and market research, including consumer spending behavior, labor and employment dynamics, and residential housing trends.

Prior to joining Angi, Mr. Fisher was Chief Economist and economic policy advisor to the Governor of Illinois, where he oversaw the state agencies responsible for employment security, economic development, housing, and professional licensing. He was previously a Deputy Director of the Illinois Department of Commerce, and a Legislative Director for the United States Congress in Washington, D.C.

He completed his undergraduate and graduate degrees in economics in British Columbia, Canada, and is an instructor in applied quantitative analysis and statistics at Northwestern University.
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