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Kevin Brown
SWE Keynote Speakers
Heroes Are Always Essential
Wednesday September 23 | 9:00AM CT / 10:00AM ET

Essential leads to Exceptional and Exceptional leads to Extraordinary. Essential is about your job. Exceptional is about your skills and ability to execute. This is tied to what Aristotle said about excellence is therefore a habit. Extraordinary is being more of who you were designed to be and bringing that to what you do and how you do it.

About Kevin Brown

Kevin Brown’s unconventional path to business and personal success has taught him that winning in business and in life requires anything but conventional thinking. He grew up in Muskegon, Michigan where his blue-collar roots taught him the value of hard work and determination. With a street-wise aptitude and a never quit attitude, he worked his way from the front lines in business to the executive boardroom.

Kevin understands what drives organizational excellence and customer loyalty. He knows first-hand how great brands think, feel and act. He is a branding and culture expert with a 30+ year career in franchise development. He spent the past 19 years as part of a leadership team that built a little-known family business into the #1 franchise in their industry with annual revenues exceeding $2 billion dollars. Since 2017, he has focused full-time on his mission to share The HERO Effect® message with as many people and organizations as possible.

The HERO Effect® is a simple philosophy that separates world-class organizations and high-performance people from everybody else. Kevin is passionate about helping people expand their vision, develop their potential and grow their results. And, as the father of an autistic child he knows firsthand how the principles of true success reach beyond the boardroom and into the lives of real people facing the challenges of everyday life. As a highly sought-after keynote speaker, Kevin has had the privilege of speaking to a wide variety of organizations including Booz Allen Hamilton, State Farm, Merck, Delta Airlines, ExxonMobil, Nationwide, New

York Life, H&R Block, Million Dollar Round Table, Southwest Airlines, PPG Refinish, AIG Financial, Eliassen Group, Cambridge Investment Research, and Financial & Insurance Conference Professionals to name a few.

Kevin is the author of the best-selling book The HERO Effect® – Being Your Best When It Matters the Most.

Kevin entertains, inspires and challenges people to show up every day and make a positive difference at work and in life!

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