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Gino Wickman
Keynote / Workshop Presenter
Are You Running Your Business or Is Your Business Running You?
Tuesday, September 21 | 1:00PM

TRACTION: Get a Grip on Your Business is a practical system for business success!

Workshop: Author of TRACTION, Creator of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS®) - Gino Wickman will teach you how to get a grip and gain control of your business with the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS).

Successful companies are applying EOS every day to run profitable, frustration-free businesses—and you can too. More than 100,000 companies have discovered what EOS can do!

Audience: This workshop is for entrepreneurs and established business leaders. It is designed to understand the common frustrations they face and know that they are not alone. With this awareness, Gino will help them understand how to eliminate all the frustrations by strengthening the Six Key Components of their business. He then goes into detail on giving the exact tools on how they can strengthen the Six Key Components. This workshop is real-world, nuts and bolts. The system is based on practical experience, not theory.

The Six Key Components of every business are:

1. Vision –2.) People –3.) Data –4.) Issues –5.) Process –6.) Traction

Gino will help you learn how to implement EOS into YOUR business, and help you discover if you are running your business or if your business is running you. This is a rare opportunity that you won’t want to miss.

About Gino Wickman
An entrepreneur since the age of 21, Gino had an obsession for learning what makes businesses thrive.

At 25 he took over the family business, which was deeply in debt and in need of help. After turning the company around and running it for seven years, he and his partners successfully sold the company.

Gino then set out to help business owners and leaders get what they want out of their businesses. Based on his years of real-world experience, he created the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), a practical method for helping companies achieve greatness.

He has personally delivered more than 1,900 full-day sessions for more than 135 companies, helping them implement EOS. He is also the author of the award-winning, best-selling book Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business, as well as Get A Grip, Rocket Fuel, How To Be A Great Boss, What the Heck is EOS? and Entrepreneurial Leap.

Gino is the founder of EOS Worldwide, an organization that helps thousands of businesses implement EOS with the aid of an international team of over 350 professional and certified EOS Implementers and online support. There are over 100,000 companies using the EOS tools worldwide.
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