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David Heimer
SWE Breakout Speakers
Find, Hire, and Keep the Best People

Why is it that some companies can’t find qualified people while other companies always have a flood of applicants and get to pick and choose who they hire? Why are some companies always fighting the turnover battles, while other companies routinely keep great employees for 20-30 years? Learn how to build a recruiting pipeline, attract the kind of employees you want, and keep them with you for years.

About David Heimer

David Heimer is a cofounder of Service Nation, where he currently serves as Senior Vice President. In this capacity he is responsible for business operations, sales, strategic alliances, and technology deployments. David is a member of the Contracting Business Hall of Fame, and named to the “Top HVAC Influencers” list. David is the author of numerous magazine articles, speaks frequently at industry events, and hosts the industry-leading podcast “Profiles In Prosperity.” David holds an MBA, and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

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