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Dave and Dan Squires
SWE Breakout Speakers
How Managing Your Maintenance Program Differently Can Make You More Profitable
Wednesday, September 23 | 1:00PM CT / 2:00PM ET

Learn how contractors miss opportunities and greater profits by the assumptions they accept about maintenance programs. Dave will share practices, efficiencies, and profitable solutions that his HVAC & Plumbing company has created by running theirs very differently than what is commonly taught.

About David Squires

David Squires has been involved in HVAC and Plumbing Contracting for over forty-four years. Besides being the founder and CEO of Contractor’s Online-Access, he is also a co-owner with his brother Daniel, of their family HVAC & Plumbing business, Vincent’s Heating and Plumbing in Port Huron Michigan.  He has been invited to speak to contractors at conferences and training organizations including Comfortech, CMX/Ciphex (Canada), Service World, and AHR. David has been featured in and contributed articles for Contracting Canada, Contracting Business, and the ACHR News.

Industry Background

  • Owner of a successful residential HVAC and Plumbing contracting business.
  • 40 years in the plumbing, heating and air conditioning industries.
  • Named a 2015 Top HVAC Industry Influencer by Contracting Business
  • 2009 & 2010 Winner Contracting Business’ Dealer Design Award for Software and Services.
  • 1991 Contracting Business Inventor of the Year.
  • B.S., Business Administration and Heating and Air Conditioning, Ferris State University.
  • Served on the ARI subcommittee for Rules of Refrigerant Recovery Devices.
  • Founded Contr@ctor’s Online-Access, Inc. in March 2000.

Currently working with over 400 HVAC, Electrical, & Plumbing contractors, helping them successfully use the Internet and traditional media to market their business

About Daniel Squires

Daniel Squires became the president of Vincent’s Heating & Plumbing of Port Huron, MI when his father, Ray Squires, retired in 2002. He is also involved with product development and marketing for Online-Access of which he is co-owner with his brother, David Squires.

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